After Nearly Six Years, A Gamer Plays and Completes Every Single Nintendo 64 Title

The shared feeling of having a never-ending backlog is the issue that connects all players.

It just never seems to go away, no matter how hard you try, which makes this gamer’s quest even more astounding. In less than six years, one Nintendo 64 enthusiast has finished all of the console’s games.

Well, sound the discord, twitch, twitch games news! This is making CBC news altogether. With a gamer playing all Nintendo64 Video Games is a proud feat that deserves to be on CBC. So gamers and game fans alike can share his success story.

Must be nice to have played Zelda’s Ocarina of time all over again.

The Big Nintendo

According to Essentially Sports, Nintendo 64 enthusiasts in North America previously engaged in a challenge. To be precise, 296 different games were made available, and enthusiasts were given the job of finishing them all. After an incredible five and a half years, Canadian Twitch streamer AceGamerSam has finally triumphed in the competition, giving him the title of N64 King.

AceGamerSam started his adventure with Super Mario 64 and used Twitch to stream his progress. His favorite games included Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Diddy Kong Racing, with this one coming in fourth.

The streamer said, “Super Mario 64 was crucial to me since it came full circle,” according to Radio-Canada (translated through Essentially Sports). When I was eight or nine years old, I played and repeated my first three-dimensional game. It went with me when I went to play with friends in my youth as well. For me, coming back to this game and playing it again is a source of solace.

After five and a half years of labor, he tweeted, “I finally reached the grand finale of my N64 Challenge. It’s a commendable accomplishment that I was able to complete this task without giving up along the way.

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