After Incident at the Oscars, Will Smith Gets Banned For 10 Years

Despite the fact that Smith’s departure meant he was no longer a voting member of the Academy, he might have been invited to subsequent ceremonies and nominated for consideration in the future. However, due to the recent judgment, the movie star will be unable to do so for the next ten years.

Making Things Controversial

The Academy has been struggling to come up with a reaction to the incident over the last few days, as public and celebrity opinion has swung against Smith, with numerous of his Hollywood peers criticizing his behavior and demanding that he face consequences.

Quite the Scene

One of the possible penalties was Smith’s possible expulsion from the Academy; however, Smith bolted before he was pushed last week, announcing in a statement that he was resigning his membership. Despite this, the Academy’s 9,000 members were stated to be “split down the middle” over how harshly Smith should be penalized for his violent reaction.

Regardless of the apology or not, Will Smith has now been banned by the Academy for the next ten years. While this would seem like an appropriate punishment for the actor, some may say that ten years might not be enough.