After Elon Musk Purchases Twitter, Deactivations Have Been Piling Up

Following Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter has been hit with claims of high-profile accounts losing thousands of followers, with the firm claiming that the ‘fluctuations in follower counts’ are due to ‘organic’ account deletions.

A Quick Change

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While Twitter has not released a precise number of accounts that have been terminated or reactivated since Monday, it has acknowledged that it is investigating the “recent shifts in follower counts.”

Working Out The Bugs

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Musk has promised to make Twitter a place for “free speech” and to “defeat spam bots.” And according to a spokeswoman, the accounts with the largest drops in followers were “high-profile accounts.”

While there are so many things to work out after Musk’s takeover, there are still other matters that are more pressing than some. Hopefully Musk does well on his word and could continue to satisfy users of the huge social media platform.



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