After Claims of Hacking The Kremlin, Anonymous Begins to Threaten to Release More Russian Secrets

Anonymous, a cyber vigilante group, claims to have acquired access to the Kremlin’s internal Close Circuit Television system and threatens to “expose all of their secrets.”

Moving Forward

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Anonymous revealed the security breach in a tweet, claiming responsibility for the attack on a hacking cell within Anonymous known as @Thblckrbbtworld. “We won’t stop until we reveal all of your secrets. You won’t be able to stop us,” Anonymous said in a statement accompanying film of what looks to be Kremlin government sessions.

With More to Come

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Independent specialists have yet to verify the clip, but it has already been seen over 300,000 times on Twitter. This cyberattack is the latest in Anonymous’ anti-Russian invasion of Ukraine campaign.

This may be more of the group’s tactics to make a change in the minds of Russia’s leaders, but so far, Russia has stayed firm and strong on what they really want.

Check out the link of the tweet right here!