After becoming the Most Followed Female on Instagram, Selena Gomez Decides to Go on a Break

Selena Gomez has made the decision to go away from social media not long after she surpassed Justin Bieber as the “most followed female” on Instagram. Kylie Jenner, who is now in second place with 380 million Instagram followers, has lost ground to Selena, who has over 382 million followers. The founder of Rare Beauty claimed on TikTok that she is “very happy” and “blessed” to “have the best friends, the best followers in the whole world” and added, “I just couldn’t be happier.”

Another One

Selena has already taken a sabbatical from social media. After a four-year hiatus, Selena made a comeback on Instagram in January 2022. She announced her return with photos, along with the caption: “Wait can you tell I’m back on Instagram?” Selena told Good Morning America in April 2022 that her self-imposed hiatus “has changed my life completely.” This time around, we have yet to see some reaction from fans and celebrities’ alike, and how it would go later on.

The Huge Point

Shortly after Gomez responded to two TikTok videos starring Hailey Bieber, the singer’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s wife, this break was announced. The model who starred in Only Murders in the Building this week put a comment on a fan-made video that included a since-deleted TikTok that she had initially shared in January and that the fan felt was a jab at Gomez.

Selena made a reference to the online commotion when she announced her most recent social media break. She proclaimed, “I love the way I am.”  Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean Selena, who rejoined Instagram in January after a four-year absence, would be going dark for another protracted period of time. “This is a little silly. I’m 30, I’m too old for this.” I will see you guys sooner than later, she assured her audience, “I’m just gonna take a break from everything.”



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