After Amber Heard’s Latest Trial, Expert Says That Johnny Depp Could Sue Her Again

According to a legal expert, Johnny Depp could sue Amber Heard again after her current interview. According to Nicole Haff of Romano Law in New York, the accusation could lead to another lawsuit by Depp against Heard.

Going In-Depth

“Yes,” Haff said when asked if Depp might sue again over the interview. “This interview could count as a new “publication” under the law, which could spur a third lawsuit.” However, Haff noted that it might not be worth Depp’s time to pursue additional legal action against Heard.

What Felt Unfair

Heard said the trial made her feel “less than human” in other parts of her interview while  describing the crowds of Depp enthusiasts lining the Virginia courthouse’s door. According to a spokeswoman for Heard, she participated in the interview to express her perspective and correct an imbalance in coverage.

Depp lost a libel case against The Sun in 2020 for an article in which he was called a “wife abuser,” despite the fact that he has refuted all allegations of violence. And with the recent actions of Heard, it would be only a matter of time before it reaches Johnny Depp and he takes the appropriate action.



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