Advertisements Being Planned to be Added by Netflix

Netflix has revealed plans to add advertisements as a method to provide users with more affordable streaming options. Although the lack of advertisements is undoubtedly appealing to many Netflix subscribers, the firm has other objectives.

More Waiting

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Many Netflix users like the lack of commercials, which allow them to jump from one episode to the next or switch between series without having to suffer through even a few seconds of commercials for supermarkets, holidays, or forthcoming episodes.

Meaning More Money

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It’s this indulgence that contributes to Netflix’s monthly subscription price, but co-CEO Reed Hastings revealed intentions to include commercials as an alternative during the company’s quarterly earnings call.

While most users would see this as a con to the service, others would still call it fair as it is still a platform to get information across. We all have to wait for news regarding the situation and hopefully, it won’t affect the users too much in a negative way.