Adult Toons: Several Different Choices to Which Usually All of Us Are Accustomed To

There are times in our lives when we seem we can’t just shy ourselves away from the cartoons. Sometimes, these are the adult cartoons that most of us can relate to. Not only do they provide us entertainment, but also a slice of life where everyone get it. Here are some choices in adult cartoons that we’ve all seen once or something we’re used to.

Shut Up and Take My Money!

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More than we’d like to admit, there are things that we want even when we get older. This could be something that we always wanted as a kid or something that may hold a lot of value. Sometimes, as adults, we tend to go the extra mile and just pay whatever the price is instead of having that item lost forever. I suppose Fry felt the same way even after he was warned about the problems of the eyePhone that he wanted.

I. M. Handsome

Bart can be nice too : Wholesome, Meme, Meta/Reddit : r/wholesomememes

Some days, we may think that the whole world is against us. It may be because of something at home, at work, or at school. Regardless of the situation, some people gladly get out their way and help out other people. Take for example Bart from the Simpsons. He goes out of his usual routine of prank calling Moe, and instead lifts his spirits up even for just one episode.

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

YARN | "I am in great pain. Please help me." | Rick and Morty (2013) -  S01E11 | Video clips by quotes | 4e3c0b00 | 紗

In the popular adult cartoon: Rick and Morty, one episode shows Birdperson explaining to Morty what Rick’s catchphrase actually means in his native language. While it may sounds like nothing, it means that Rick is trying to say: “I am in great pain, please help me.” This shows a correlation to how many people in the world are secretly crying for help but it also shows that there are a lot of people out there willing to go the extra mile and help out people in their lives regardless of how they currently are.

These are only a few of those instances where choices in adult cartoons have been shown to reflect much in the real world. And much of those choices are done by a lot of people all around. The resemblance may be uncanny but that’s how life goes sometimes, it may be closer to fiction than we really think.







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