Actor from GTA Trevor Sends Irate Video to a Fan Who Inquired About GTA 6

A leak of Grand Theft Auto VI? Are you kidding? I’m joking. I hadn’t heard. It cannot be avoided, can it? In a cyberattack that Rockstar Games was the subject of last month, over an hour of GTA VI development footage, pictures, and source code was posted online.

One seasoned and frustrated actor

Although GTA VI seemed inevitable, Rockstar’s reveal preparations have been seriously derailed by this. Fans have already made assumptions about the key actors for the game and are planning out GTA VI’s version of Vice City using a development video that has leaked online.

However, one seasoned GTA actor seemed to be sick of hearing about GTA VI.

Hugo paid $140 for the Cameo and asked Ogg to explicitly warn Jason and Lucia to “be wary in Vice City” and to “look out for the cops in Port Gellhorn,” before adding, “Tell them that maybe you’ll see them out there.’ Feel free to be crazy.”

It’s a big job. I’m not Trevor, Ogg claimed in his video reaction. I’m Steven, and I’m an actor,” although I did read the lines that were asked. The complete cameo can be seen below.

Hugo technically received his request, albeit in a somewhat unusual manner. He appeared slightly irritated when I asked him to assume the identity of Trevor once more rather than Steven Ogg. Hugo said, “I thought he came off like quite the d**k, to be honest.

I asked him to be this famous character and talk about the world that character lives in, and he took it as some kind of insult to him as an actor. I thought that was a little unnecessary for him to spend a couple of minutes berating me for asking him to be Trevor instead of himself. I assumed that was the purpose of Cameo. A little uneasy. I assumed it was the reason I paid all this money.



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