A Woman Purchases an Entire Neighbourhood of 85 Properties Instead of Just One Because of a Typo Error

Due to an error in her papers, a woman unintentionally purchased an entire neighbourhood of 85 properties rather than just one.

Typo Error?

The unidentified homeowner from Nevada spent $594,481 (£491,047.25) for what she thought was one house in Sparks, which is northeast of Reno.

But when she submitted her documentation to the Washoe County assessor, she learned that she was now the owner of 84 more properties in addition to two common areas.

She received much more than she bargained for, with the value of her new homes believed to be approximately $50 million (£40,865,550.00).

Due to an apparent error in her paperwork, the documentation indicated on July 25 that she owns “lots one through 85… including Common Areas A and B.”

The chief deputy assessor for Washoe County, Cori Burke, thought Westminster Title, a “full-service title company,” in Las Vegas, was to blame.

The surprising oversight resulted in the property buyer receiving the title deeds to a huge number of other properties, according to The Reno Gazette-Journal.

When drafting (the homebuyer’s) deed for recording, Westminster Title out of Las Vegas, according to Burke, “it looks, may have copied and pasted a legal description from another Toll Brothers sale.

What’s Her Take?

She uttered: “The fact that there are so many lots involved in this particular case makes it a little more intriguing.

“Although it is clear-cut to us, we just see the recorded paperwork and are unaware of the steps the title business takes to obtain clear title, according to Burke.

Although the title firm also has the offer and acceptance for the purchase on file, she continued, “I think someone may try to make things difficult. The intent is quite evident.”