A New Horror Game has Already Been Outlawed in Japan

The Callisto Protocol’s release has been completely canceled in Japan as a result of the country’s refusal to give it a rating, but players will still find a way around this.

I guess it’s that scary

In a recent preview, Will had the opportunity to play The Callisto Protocol, and the intensity of gore has lingered with him.

The biophages are truly horrific, a painful jumble of corpse and alien, lunging and swiping onwards due to an unceasing need to disseminate the sickness to new and healthy hosts. Yummy.

The player’s skill and understanding of when to assault and when to retreat before the encounter ends in a sticky way are put to the test in this challenging game.

The Callisto Protocol has been categorically refused a rating by the Computer Entertainment Ratings Organisation, the body in Japan that determines what rating video games will obtain there.

The nation has a very low tolerance for overt acts of violence and gore, so it’s not entirely surprising that developer Striking Distance infused the game with both of those elements.

The nudity in the game’s sex scene was also omitted from The Last of Us Part II due to its usage of dismemberment as a gaming feature. Additionally, the “Grotesque” Japanese translation of Resident Evil 7 modified a scene where the player must extract a key from a beheaded body’s throat so that the corpse still has a neck.

Striking Distance won’t have much time after this decision to alter the game for Japanese players, but it’s not all terrible.

The Callisto Protocol preorderers in Japan will receive refunds, and console versions of the game are not region-locked, allowing them to play the forthcoming horror without being denied a rating.



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