A ‘High-Value Container’ Containing About $15 Million in Gold is Taken from a Plane at the Toronto Airport

At Toronto’s main international airport, thieves managed to steal $20 million (USD $15 million) worth of gold, which was taken on Monday in a’very uncommon’ robbery, according to the police.

Unknown Origin

The heist represents the largest gold theft since a $30 million theft from a Brazilian airport in Sao Paulo occurred in July 2019.

Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn stated on Thursday that the container containing the gold arrived on an aircraft early on Monday night. He refused to disclose its origin.

The plane’s cargo was moved to a storage facility after it had been emptied.

The container, according to Duivesteyn, was “removed by illegal means” and reported stolen not long after the plane had been emptied.

In the early hours of the evening, an airplane touched down at this airport. According to standard protocol, the plane’s cargo was moved from the aircraft to a holding cargo facility after it was unloaded, the man added.

If the gold is still in the nation, it is unknown.

Money Heist: Toronto Edition

According to The Ottawa Sun, one of the banks may have had the gold brought into Toronto from a mine in Northern Ontario.

The inquiry is ongoing, according to Duivesteyn, although police have not yet confirmed that the burglars were a professional gang.

According to The Toronto Sun, organized criminal groups are thought to be responsible for the theft.

Duivesteyn stated, “We believe this to be an isolated incident.”

Therefore, the general population should travel without worry. They shouldn’t worry about flying in or out. We do not view this as a problem of public safety.

The theft, according to Duivesteyn, was “very rare.”

The biggest airport robbery since the 2019 robbery in Brazil.

The criminals stole the gold that was on its way to New York and Zurich by posing as police officials and entering Guarulhos airport in So Paulo.

Eight armed men in disguise who arrived in two fictitious police vehicles in less than three minutes took the gold without firing a shot.

According to police accounts, the robbers held two security guards and the family of one of them hostage in order to coerce their assistance.

Because the item was hefty, the robbers opted to load it into one of the vans before fleeing by using airport workers and some trucks.

The prisoners were freed a few hours later, and Sao Paulo police discovered the abandoned cars there.

Three persons were detained, and they were all airport workers.

The 1983 Brinks-Mat burglary, in which robbers seized £26 million ($32 million) from a depot close to London’s Heathrow airport, was one of the biggest gold thefts in history.

It was the largest robbery in recorded history at the time and forever altered British policing.

Only two of the six robbers were ever found guilty, and a large portion of the gold was never found.

The 1967 robbery from an Air France plane at New York’s JFK airport, which was portrayed in the movie Goodfellas, is arguably the most well-known airport heist.

The crew, which included members of the Lucchese mafia family, took $420,000, or around $3.5 million in today’s currency, from the airline, which had a contract to convey American dollars from troops fighting in Vietnam back to the United States.

Eleven years later, the gang would carry out another heist, this time robbing $5.9 million, or the equivalent of $25 million in today’s dollars, from a Lufthansa flight at JFK.

Only Louis Werner, an airport employee, was ever found guilty.