A GTA Player Ends Up Getting Millions After He Crashes the Game

Ten years after its first release on PS3 and Xbox 360, Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the top moneymakers in the business. A GTA V user who was aware of this received a massive $32 million refund after the game crashed in the middle of an in-game purchase. That’s another way to get your money’s worth!

All Those Bills

Between 2013 and 2023, the GTA V single player alone sold 175 million units and earned an estimated $7.7 billion in revenue. However, when you factor in the GTA$ microtransactions from GTA Online, Rockstar Games is truly raking it in. Therefore, if a player for any reason asks Rockstar Games for a refund, it should be a drop in the bucket for the business. However, when one player specifically asked for a refund, they received much more than they anticipated.

More Than You Bargained For

According to PCGamesN, when Reddit user Skraelos requested a refund from Rockstar Games for $75,000 in in-game currency, they were given $32 million instead. Skraelos made an in-game transaction to buy supplies for their online bunker and then contacted Rockstar Games to request a refund. The gamer, however, lost both their GTA$ and the supplies they had bought when the internet servers crashed.

In order to put things into perspective, 75,000 GTA$ would likely equal about £1. The lowest quantity that can be purchased is 250,000 GTA$ for £3.19 for the Tiger Shark Card, while purchasing 10,000,000 GTA$ costs £60 for the Megalodon Shark Card. Skraelos received a return of roughly £183 while asking for the equivalent of about £1. Skraelos, who was clearly surprised and perplexed by the excessively substantial reimbursement, said: “I have absolutely no idea how this could even happen. I actually don’t plan on touching the money, just in case Rockstar notices and decides to deduct that amount from me.”



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