A Gamer Who Worked from Home was Fired After Accidentally Adding the Boss on Xbox

The advantages of working from home are numerous and fantastic.

This is Hilarious.

Although working from home can undoubtedly be excellent, there are undoubtedly some huge risks for people who are easily seduced by forbidden temptations. I adore the 60-second trip to my workstation.

The stubborn among us put off playing on our consoles till the end of the workday, but what about our fallen friends? The allure of one more assignment or round tempts them to join in. It’s something that one Xbox user has just lately learned what the effects are.

Xbox gamer Brandon recently shared his cautionary tale on the PlacementCo TikTok account. Brandon claims that he recently lost his job as a result of adding his boss as a friend on Xbox while working from home.

I was let go from my job today, he remarked. Don’t add random individuals to Xbox because I work from home and it appears that employers now do that.

Against the backdrop, an email that was supposedly sent by Brandon’s boss could be seen. “I play Xbox, you know what I mean. The email does not appear to mention the Xbox altercation as a basis for dismissal; it just states, “Upon the advice of counsel, you are now terminated from [redacted] for a cause.”

Although Brandon’s story undoubtedly offers a valuable lesson, it appears to be nothing more than a made-up story. Users of TikTok were quick to point out that PlacementCo is actually a job coaching business.

Although Brandon’s video “should be considered more as a parable and less as an autobiographical account,” PlacementCo said in an email to The Daily Dot that their account included “fictional stories based on real-life circumstances our clients have faced.”

There is more to Brandon’s story than first appears, but you have been forewarned. Folks, keep your jobs.



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