$6.7 Million Yacht Owned by Russian Boss Gets Partially Sunk by Ukrainian Sailor, Sailor Gets Arrested

A Ukrainian sailor was apprehended after attempting to sink a super yacht worth more than £5 million that belonged to a Russian businessman. The unnamed sailor claimed he took action against the yacht in Mallorca, Spain, since his boss is in charge of the development of Vladimir Putin’s weaponry.

An Eye for an Eye

After seeing a television broadcast about Russia’s war on Ukraine, the sailor gave a statement to authorities, stating that he took this opportunity for vengeance. After witnessing Russian fighters ‘attacking innocents’ with a helicopter equipped with ‘weapons and equipment produced by the ship owner’s company,’ the man headed to the boat, which was anchored at Port Adriano.

Nautical Naught

The mechanic promised the crew members that he would assume full responsibility for the act, despite their protests. Though t he yacht was partially flooded but remained attached to its moorings, the mechanic’s efforts resulted in very minor damage.

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